July 7, 2020

Life Sciences as an investment theme for the coming decade: Promising therapies against COVID-19 (webinar only available in German)

Ihre Referenten


  • Oliver R.Baumann, CEO, Xlife Sciences AG
  • Dr. Christoph Antz, CEO, Velabs Therapeutics GmbH
  • Dr. rer. nat. Beatrice Engert, HeadQuality Control, inflamed pharma GmbH
  • Dr. med. Uwe Rudolf Max Reuter, ChiefPhysician, Clinic in LIFE

Innovations in the life sciences industry often hold high economic and social importance. In a short period of time, brand new markets can be created or existing ones majorly disrupted. The listed Swiss company, Xlife Sciences AG, detects and develops promising solutions for human medicine. Together with universities and industrial partners, the company actively manages life science projects from the spin-off stage to a later stage of out-licensing, a trade sale or even through a possible IPO.

inflamed pharma and Velabs Therapeutics GmbH are working on promising therapies and technologies in relation to COVID-19. Xlife Sciences manages the commercialization process of these companies. Our free webinar shows how Xlife Sciences’ biotechnology innovations can be brought to market and why investments in life sciences are looking exciting and promising for the coming decade. We invite you to watch this exciting and knowledge packed webinar!

About inflamed pharma GmbH

inflamed pharma GmbH develops patents and investigates new applications for the active ingredient ProcCluster®. The aim is to execute clinical studies in order to establish ProcCluster® as a ready-to-use drug in the future and to enable a wider range of applications for the active ingredient.

About Velabs Therapeutics GmbH

Velabs is a leading pioneer in microfluidics-based technologies for functional screening of antibodies. Our high-throughput screening platform allows for testing millions of correctly paired fully natural IgGs from humans and mice for therapeutic effects, rather than just for binding. Rare functional hits are readily  identified, which might be laborious or even impossible using other technologies. Velabs’ antibody screens can thus significantly and competitively shorten pre-clinical development.